Out of the box and ready to race in minutes, each set has two cars, two controllers, power supply, guardrails and track for a specific circuit. Extension sets allow you to go virtually as big as you’d like. Track section kits are available in off-road, curve, changeover, chicane and more. Mastertrack sets do not include cars.

Mastertrack sets are professional race circuits that have been optimized to allow the maximum track layout on a 4’ x 8’ plywood board. They contain track, supports, two controllers, one transformer, and depending on the circuit, either obstacles or crash barriers. Cars are not included allowing you maximum flexibility to race the car of your choice.

N-Digital Car Programming NINCO Screensavers & Wallpapers:
N-Digital Chip Installation Info       Screensaver 1       wallpaper 1
N-Digital Instructions for Sets and Conversion Kits       Screensaver 2       wallpaper 2
Red cased N-Digital chip installation       Screensaver 3       wallpaper 3
Uncased N-Digital chip installation         wallpaper 4
Special Product News for N-Digital chips    
Axle-Tire size chart